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CALL TO ACTION: Transparency

The president and vice president of our BOE have slipped a last-minute change into the meeting agenda 24 hours before a board meeting and less than a week before Christmas. The agenda item would eliminate elective Black History and Black Literature classes by removing the Southern Poverty Law Center standards, on which the courses were built, from our curriculum. 

It’s disappointing but not surprising. Director Bertrand and Director Cook were our first board members to be elected in the midst of the CRT controversy with endorsements from Moms for Liberty and  Francis Howell Families. Both ignored an overwhelming majority of community members asking to preserve the Resolution Against Racism and Discrimination, and

both are marching to every beat of national political drums. 

The truth is that Bertrand and Cook see no issue in restricting our choice of electives and no need to garner community input (or input from education professionals) because they believe their values should be yours as well. It seems those of us who don’t align with Moms for Liberty will be asked to “co-parent with the government” after all.

STAND UP with us! Email your board members to let them know where you stand. Demand transparency. Donate below to help us elect candidates who aren’t riding the wave of the most recent culture war. 


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