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FHSD 5: Heroes or...?

Since May, our new board majority (the FHSD5) has focused on everything but the practical needs of our district. Now they're pulling for two candidates aligned with their partisan agenda and crossing their fingers that they will sweep the school board and become the FHSD7.

If you think our schools deserve more attention on practical matters than this list of the FHSD 5's greatest hits; then VOTE Carolie Owens and Steven Blair on April 2nd!

May: 5-2 rejection of recommended Math resource adoption for elementary, leaving kids to use a 10 yr-old resource.

June: Dir Cook debuts policy to require the display of an American flag to be no less than 18" in each classroom. The policy is approved 5-2.

July: The board votes 5-2 to Rescind the Resolution Against Racism. 

September: Director Cook caused mass chaos when he took to social media (instead of consulting district leaders), exaggerating a data privacy concern. His concerns were quickly addressed by the administration, and a change in op-out procedures were implemented soon after.

October: Director Cook jumped to policy again when he heard a teacher encouraged a student to speak at a board meeting. His amendment to an existing policy around teacher activism is accepted in a 5-2 vote. Director Puzskar proposed a bathroom policy, mandating students only use the bathroom on their birth certificate. The policy vaguely alludes to cat litter disposal in toilets.

November: Director Bertrand proposed a policy for FHSD to recognize Victims of Communism Day; the policy would require FHSD to adopt a curriculum funded and supported by members of the highly conservative Heritage Foundation, which advocates for private school vouchers. the policy is not revisited on the December agenda.

December: With only 24 hours notice and another 5-2 split, the board rescinded approval of SPLC standards, essentially requiring Black Lit/History Courses to be rewritten before the 2024-2025 school year. An amendment from Director Lange, giving the district time to revise the curriculum, is rejected 5-2. Director Stiglich says, "It's a dark day for Francis Howell."


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