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Holiday/Holy Day Message

FHForward wishes healing and goodwill to everyone in our community, no matter their political leanings. 

From Hanukkah to Christmas, Kwanzaa to the winter solstice, this season can weave a rich tapestry of cultural and religious diversity. May those who find solace and strength in worship feel centered, anchored and fulfilled in their faith traditions. For those who celebrate nature or don't adhere to a specific religious tradition, we hope this time offers a chance to slow down, connect, and find meaning in quiet moments.

We also recognize that our community was dealt a hard blow this week. Many are angry and tired and hurt. We won’t ask them to rush past those feelings or minimize their pain.  We won’t excuse egregious behavior just to keep the boat steady. Still, we know that there is power and healing in the pause. There is power in connection and in community. 

Whether you celebrate a holy season, have other traditions, or simply carry on as usual during the “Holy Days,” we wish you peace and joy. Whether our families are joyous and whole or splintered and struggling, and even if we find ourselves alone, may our shared experiences as neighbors compel us to find grace for ourselves and others.

May the love of our community over this season transcend religious and cultural boundaries, and may the enduring power of love and goodwill guide us in the year to come.

Much, much love,

Amy, Courtney, Jamie, and Marissa


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