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We don't all agree.

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Conflict is inevitable. With so many different needs and experiences that each community member brings to our collective, we are bound to disagree. what is important, though, is how we navigate these moments. We weren't our best these past three years and let me be clear: both sides of the aisle are responsible. We have all made mistakes.

But every day we begin again. Every new day, we can commit to seeking solutions and place our students before our political divides. We can prepare them for their future in an increasingly diverse world by modeling the kind of conflict resolution they will need and by honoring one another's cultures and values.

We are fortunate to live in a stable country with an envied education system. Let us preserve and improve that system. Let us be open to new ideas and especially to a better understanding of one another. Francis Howell Forward is committed to this process.

Join us for a book discussion about the achievement gap on February 23rd. (Free Reservation required). We will be reading the Color of Mind by John Ruby and Derrick Darby. (Purchase Here). Ask questions and offer your thoughts. Consider the thoughts and experiences of others. All are welcome, but space is limited, so registered attendees will be given right to space.


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