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Your support brought NATIONAL attention, Francis Howell!

Dear FHSD community,

We can't thank you enough for your support this week! Our Francis Howell school board dismissed the public outcry, refusing to respond to emails and casting votes in direct contrast to majority opinion, but TOGETHER we shined a light on their actions! Please continue to #standupfhsd!

Special thanks to Zebrina Looney, the Saint Charles County president of the NAACP, who joined us Thursday and who used her voice to amplify this issue. If you are not involved in the county chapter of the NAACP, please consider joining! (Yes, white allies can join, too.) We also want to thank our patrons who commented Thursday night, especially BT Rice for his remarks as a faith leader and to Kimberly Thompson for powerful words which have been featured now in countless news stories! Finally, thank you to our incredible messaging team, who make so much of our work possible! (You know who you are.)

Consider donating or volunteering today to help us build on this momentum and get #partisanpolitics out of our schools! Your donations help us pay for web costs, sunshine requests, printing, and boosts to Facebook posts. For more information on the resolution, see our detailed explanation of this issue here.

Graphic shows chronological events that led to the resolution and its later sunset. See detailed explanation in linked article, this post, and the FHForward post linked above.


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