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Citizenship or Activism?

Our board will soon vote on a policy aimed at limiting teachers' ability to encourage students to engage in "activism." We ask that the board consider defining activism and revising the policy to allow teachers to encourage students to participate in civic processes. We believe the state social studies standards listed below, which were taken from the DESE site, require that students be aware of and encouraged to evaluate and participate in their government systems. We have highlighted some of the most applicable for both subjects.

Please email your board members to let them know that teaching and encouraging civic participation is important to your family. Their emails are included at the end of this post.


Social Studies K-5 (Participation in/knowledge of civic processes)

Social Studies 6-12 (Participation in/knowledge of civic processes, plus evaluating problems and generating solutions for individuals and groups in society)

Please email your board members to say that teaching and encouraging civic participation is important to your family:


FHForward works hard to research topics like this and to bring awareness to the public, but web hosting and print material doesn't come free, and there are only so many hours in the day! Please support us by choosing one of the options below.


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