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5 Election Myths, 2023 FHSD School Board Edition

5 Election Myths, 2023 FHSD School Board Edition

Myth #1 The NEA installs school board members to carry  out its radical agenda.

#1 Debunked The Education Association (the teachers' union) is one of many groups who may endorse candidates. The group did not endorse this year.     NEA's agenda is to support teachers in their mission to  educate every student.

Myth #2 FHSD test scores are falling; our schools are  failing.

Myth #2 Debunked   Though scores have dipped globally since the pandemic, FHSD is ranked #8 by Niche and was awarded the College Success Award by Great Schools. US News and World Report ranks  Howell High 11th in the state  and 9th in the  STL Metro area.

MYTH #3  The Prop S overrun is the fault of the board and the reason  we cannot offer higher pay to teachers.

Myth #3 Debunked   An internal review of the Prop S project to date found that the primary causes to the overrun were: (1) an inaccurate publication of the starting estimate (2) the addition of 30,000 sq ft to the project without  board approval, causing significant increases. Those responsble for these causes are no longer with the district.              By law, bond funds like Prop S cannot be used for salaries.

MYTH #4  Our students are being sexualized at school and face gender indoctrination.

Myth #4 Debunked   LGBTQ students and staff  deserve our respect. They are no more likely to discuss romantic relationships or sexual orientation than heterosexual students and staff, but they are at higher risk for bullying and violence. Homosexuality and gender dysmorphia are not contagious. Books cannot  change one's gender identity or  sexual orientation.

MYTH #5: Equity   Teachers, admin, or diversity trainers have been separating people by race and causing white people to feel guilty  in an attempt to promote  equal outcomes for  every student.

Myth #5 Debunked   Extensive research of the past and the present conclusively show that intentional racial discrimination historically can be traced to consistent and concerning racial disparities today.   Diversity and race experts do not expect equal outcomes for every person. They work to create awareness of such   disparities and promote  more equal opportunity.


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