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Know These Facts, 2023 FHSD School Board Election

Top 5 Facts 2023 Board of  Education Election

Only 14% of  registered voters  voted in the 2022 school board  election.

One family has poured $20,000 into a PAC which  claims that FHSD schools  are sexualizing and indoctrinating our students.

As in 2021,  the Francis Howell  Education Association  has not endorsed  this year.

FHSD has consitently performed as a top district. We rank #8 in MO and #1 in St. Charles County.   BUT, because we have not had a tax levy in nearly 20 years, FHSD property taxes are now the lowest in the county, and our teachers will be the lowest paid in the county next year. We are in dire need of revenue.   A majority vote from boar members is required to put a levy on the ballot. Some candidates will not support a tax levy.

Heavy National Interests are at play! FHFamilies modeled their group after the Southlake PAC from TX.  Beware of false national talking points, like accusations of sexualization & indoctrination of students.  Beware of texts sent to FHSD  voters from Virginia, and  misleading web addresses like


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