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Your Vote Matters on April 2, 2024

Meet Our Candidates

How Forward Chooses Candidates

Francis Howell Forward is a nonpartisan Political Action Committee (PAC). We seek candidates that uphold our mission to protect public schools and prepare our students for their future in a diverse workforce. We are dedicated to a transparent endorsement process. 

After filing closes, Francis Howell Forward invites every filed candidate for an interview, though not all accept. We consider the candidates' interactions with the community, including their knowledge of (nonpartisan) public school processes, their involvement in our schools, and their volunteer activities.

This year, we are thrilled to present Carolie Owens, a veteran educator, and Steven Blair, a Pastor of 20 years. Both candidates have demonstrated dedication and work ethic in supporting their community. We trust these candidates to listen to the patrons of our district and to make decisions that benefit all Francis Howell students.

Read more information about our 2024 endorsement process here.

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Carolie Owens 

Steven Blair

Make your voice heard on April 2, 2024

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