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National Influence on FHSD School Board Elections

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Like many districts nationwide, FHSD has recently seen a flood of interest in our schools. Highly organized efforts have been mobilized to shape curriculum, restrict library books, and eliminate social-emotional learning. Recently, voters in Fort Zumwalt, Wentzville, and Francis Howell all received text messages from the same Virgina-based organization making serious accusations about our local schools and their "sexualization" and "gender indoctrination"of children and urged us to vote for certain candidates.

Image shows texts sent to FHSD voters by an organization in Virginia.

This kind of outside influence was also present in our last election, when Francis Howell Families modeled themselves after a PAC from Southlake, TX and raised tens of thousands of dollars, which they poured into signs, T-shirts, mailers, and canvassing literature, securing the election of two school board candidates who both sit on our school board today. Shortly after the election, one of the PAC-supported candidates called our teachers "groomers." Both new board members began to delay curriculum purchases and refuse travel requests for teachers attending national education conferences. Today, the board members have set their sites on reading curriculum and policies aimed at LGBTQ students.

Join Francis Howell Forward in defending our students against these national political agendas! Vote for Doug Ziegemeier (1) Amy Easterling (3), and Harry Harris (7) on April 4th!

Image features screen shots from Freedom to Learn, a Virginia org website .


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