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Did Someone Say Grassroots?

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

One of the things that compelled our team to form Francis Howell Forward was digging into the 2022 election finances. We were shocked to see high levels of donations poured into a school board race by so few individuals. But with your help, FHForward is changing the game! In the first graphic below, which shows figures for 2023 filings, notice the difference in how many are donating to the opposing PAC vs how many of you have donated to FHForward. In the two graphics that follow, notice the size of our opponents' donations and the concentration of large dollar amounts from just one family, which contrasts with the idea of grassroots fundraising. (The $20,000 includes $9,000 in contributions to endorsed candidates, as well as another $11,000 to our opposing PAC. The amount is given by a married couple and one of their siblings.) For more information about what kind of influence is shaping FHSD elections, please read our post about text messages from Virginia or this post about how our FHFamilies modeled their organization after a Southlake, Texas PAC that fought efforts to address discrimination in their school district.

When we launched 8 weeks ago, we never dreamed we would be able to accomplish all that we have! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to our community!!! To those of you who are donating money, baskets, or precious service hours, we could not do this work without you! Here's to standing up!

To see original filing reports, please visit Please note that FHForward numbers reflect an additional, amended 8 Day filing.

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