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Two Pictures: National Politics Guide Francis Howell Families PAC

Updated: Feb 16

Side by side comparison of Southlake, TX PAC homepage and one from Francis Howell in MO show verbatim text and nearly identical designs.

Zoom in and notice the similarities of these web pages. If you are not familiar with the wealthy, idyllic suburb of Southlake, TX and its influence across the nation, you will want to be. As you can see, Francis Howell Families has modeled their PAC after Southlake Families. When presented with the similarity here, an active Francis Howell Families leader confirmed their organization had consulted with the Texas group by phone. We believe this is cause for deep concern and have provided a detailed timeline between these groups here. The Southlake Families PAC caused so much fear in the Carroll district that one educational leader asked teachers to be sure they presented an “opposing” view of the Holocaust. Southlake has since come under federal investigation for allegations of discrimination.

Read NPR and NBC News coverage of the story, where you can listen to the recording and hear the reactions of community members and teachers there. Better yet, check out this interactive tool showing how powerful political players, lawyers, and consultant firms are benefitting from the culture wars in North Texas.

We could use your help in preventing undue pressure and fear on our district staff from

Volunteer here to prevent Francis Howell Families from installing more candidates on our school board.


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Pov the teachers union screwed up big time so you have to start a front money organization for it 😂

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We are district parents who volunteered as individuals in our community long before our formal organization. This is how we met and began working cooperatively. Of course, a great deal of work goes into formalizing a group like ours. While our first organizational meeting was January 12th, we would not have been able to organize had we not been working toward this goal prior to that date, and prior to the incident you are referring to. Thank you for visiting us here!

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